“I have been working for azad technology partners as a consultant for over 10 years and at this time, I want to express how extremely grateful I am to the company. About 10 years ago, I accepted my first employment opportunity with azad and I was very pleased with my experience throughout the entire duration of the project, as I was exposed to numerous new experiences, technologies, and projects. The two subsequent projects were equally gratifying, with not even a week gap between projects. Additionally, azad’s management commitment and willingness to accommodate my professional and personal needs and requests, should it have been necessary, made it possible for me to focus on the tasks and successfully complete projects.

Thank you again azad for the opportunities I have had the chance to work on for the past decade. I have appreciated working for the firm, and have always been grateful for the rapidity with which the management has been able to redeploy me. I certainly speak highly of azad when asked.”


“azad is highly respected in the business community offering great opportunities with outstanding clients. As a member of Team azad you are joining a strong, locally-owned and managed information and technical systems consulting firm.”


“As an azad consultant employee, I have been able to work on projects that give me an opportunity to apply my experience in new ways and to learn new skills.”.


“Working for azad over the last 3 1/2 years has been an great experience. My long term assignment with a client, which is a global technology innovator, has afforded a great deal of opportunity to enhance myself professionally through exposure to a wide variety of leading cell phone technologies that is hard to match elsewhere in this area. It has been exciting working with state of the art GPS technologies, 3G, 4G technologies, and consumer electronics development on a diverse base such as Android, Windows, and Linux. In addition the number of software technologies that I have learned at azad, being part of the azad team has been a great for my professional development.”


“One thing that I appreciate about working for azad is that they strive to have a win-win philosophy. The Technical Resource Management team takes the time to find the right project for the right consultant to be deployed to. A number of other firms deployment is done based on some criteria matching. But at azad they go beyond that as they take deployment process very seriously to assure success for both their employees and clients.”.


“I’ve found that the team at azad genuinely values me as an individual and accurately understands the potential I can bring to the clients that we serve. azad’s professionalism is unequaled in today’s workplace environment.”