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Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Azad technology partners is serving clients with technology development and product deployment with the most innovative and leading edge technologies. Our knowledge and understanding of our clients’ project needs, deployed technologies, and their culture allows us to ensure the best possible delivery of our services. Azad’s unique approach, that of integrating both project technical requirements and organizational factors, has reinvented the way many of our clients view consulting services.

Azad’s technical foundation has built the basis for a company that is dedicated to quality. Our success and growth is a direct result of our tireless efforts of constantly integrating quality processes, improving upon our internal procedures, and building loyalty with our valuable employees and clients. Our focus on continuous improvement is what has allowed Azad to set a new standard for consulting services.

Azad is committed to providing the most professional services with the highest integrity in the industry.

our Azad community

Azad understands that success in consulting services requires more than just process or technology expertise. Success requires strong, long-term partnerships with both employees and clients. Azad measures success through our ability to build and maintain these win-win partnerships with an emphasis on people, corporate culture, and organizational structure.

Azad’s best business practices are embedded in all aspects of our consulting processes. We believe that the development and implementation of formal procedures and evaluation processes provides for superior consulting services. Our proprietary procedures and processes have been developed specifically to ensure that our clients receive consistent service across a wide variety of technologies

Azad’s unique vision and ultimate goal is to achieve a partnership with each of our clients. Our success in building these partnerships is a direct result of our focus on client satisfaction and employee longevity. As a result, the technology organizations consistently turn to Azad for the most professional, most dedicated, and most skilled consultants. It is these high standards which have become synonymous with the name Azad.


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