Important Dates for Employees in 2020

azad administration will continue to send employees advance notifications throughout the year, but to further help you plan ahead, here is a summary of important dates you should keep in mind for 2020:

  • Health Care Open Enrollment: April 1 – Open Enrollment information is distributed to employees as soon as it is available to us from the health insurance companies.
  • 401k Open Enrollment / Percentage Contribution Changes: January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1 – Enrollment or percentage contribution change forms need to be sent to  azad administration at least 3 weeks in advance prior the Open Enrollment / Change dates. Participants may reduce contributions to $0.00 at any time by submitting a change form, but once reduced to $0.00, the participant must wait until the next open enrollment to restart contributions.
  • 401k Investment Election Changes – Investment election changes can be done anytime online through Fidelity Investments.

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