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Enterprise Data Architecture

Problem Statement: The azad client recognized a need for more organization and security in their procedures for granting access to valuable information technology resources. The current best-practice method for managing access control is based on the assignment of Roles to Users. This process has resulted in a technique which the IT industry calls Role-Based Access Control or […]

Utility Operating System

Problem Statement: azad client needed a utility operating system to provision storage resources for virtual machine hypervisors in a high-density managed server environment.  Requirements expanded through the course of the project, eventually including several capabilities not originally anticipated. azad Approach & Solution: The azad consultant created following high-level requirements for the project In order to minimize project development time […]

Business Intelligence Application

Problem Statement: The azad client, a major utility provider, had to make large purchases in support of daily marketing operations on a regular basis. To analyze the purchase need, the process included manual data entry to transfer information between systems. Ultimately the data was compiled in Excel through many manual processes for presentation to management and archived […]

Distributed Application Error Aggregation, Monitoring, & Reporting

Problem Statement: azad’s client, a developer of network broadband devices, also develops software to manage and maintain these devices within a distributed environment. While remote device management is facilitated through the client’s complementary software, customers have requested that the application also provide the ability to aggregate and retain errors generated by all devices deployed within an […]

Open Source Based Embedded Device

Problem Statement: Embedded devices are now pervasive in our daily lives, exemplified by medical pacemakers, cell phones, automobiles, and home appliances. The range and requirements are broad, yet open source has matured in breadth and depth to meet the scalability, reliability and real-time demands at competitive cost/performance metrics. The azad client while defining a new product decided […]

Porting & Updating Scientific Measurement Software

Porting & Updating Scientific Measurement Software Problem Statement: An azad client was updating a hardware instrument and the 18 year old measurement software that ran on the original hardware. The code was initially written as macros and needed to be ported to a flexible computer language and to support the new line of instrument hardware. The new […]

Remote Multimedia Device Access

Remote Multimedia Device Access Problem Statement: Azad’s client had network-connected devices deployed globally and needed a way access them for the purpose of application-level use, remote support and configuration, firmware updates, video sharing, and more. The need required real-time, bi-directional connectivity under the widest range of deployment scenarios: heterogeneous, customer owned networks; highly secure installations; multiple […]