Remote Multimedia Device Access

Remote Multimedia Device Access

Problem Statement:

Azad’s client had network-connected devices deployed globally and needed a way access them for the purpose of application-level use, remote support and configuration, firmware updates, video sharing, and more. The need required real-time, bi-directional connectivity under the widest range of deployment scenarios: heterogeneous, customer owned networks; highly secure installations; multiple layers of firewalls, proxies and other infrastructure. The customer began the project in-house, with limited success. They added an azad consultant “to bring a technology spike to the project.” [Project Manager]

Azad Approach & Solution:

azad’s consultant analyzed and helped refine the requirements, which included in part:

  • Every device must be accessible, on demand, regardless of network topology.
  • The technology must be provably secure.
  • The productized technology must be easily configurable by network owners.
  • The technology must scale to support any number of devices.
  • The implementation must be highly efficient, requiring minimal infrastructure.

The consultant then researched related technologies, examined the products of the in-house team’s efforts, and then took the team in a new direction. They developed several proof of concept prototypes and crafted a custom solution for the Client, including detailed architecture and design documentation. Working with a multi-national team, the consultant provided technical leadership throughout development, testing and deployment of the product. They developed several custom tools both for developmental testing and for analysis and monitoring in the field. The consultant then assisted the Client in a technology transfer to move ownership of the product to a maintenance team.

Tangible Outcome:

The consultant filed two patents for the Client that were direct outcomes from the project, and resulted in the team winning an “Invention of the Year” award from the corporation. The product was completed in a timely and cost-effective fashion, and was deployed immediately, helping the Client form new partnerships, expand their market share and be more competitive.